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Vertex Publishing Inc. was founded by Julie Walker in 2003 after her father-in-law, Dr. Sands passed away.  She wanted to share his discovery of a cure for arthritis and bring it to light in the public eye.  Dr. Sands was a medical researcher and through his work Julie became familiar with just how many medical advancements faced bureaucratic obstacles and remain unknown by the general public.  This inspired her mission to specialize in literature about the latest health advancements.

The Vertex
mission is to bridge the geographical and bureaucratic obstacles for medical discoveries, nutritional breakthroughs, scientific and technological developments making the latest health advancements available from all over the globe.  Publishing this information in different languages also makes them available to many cultures.  By bridging the language barriers and bureaucratic obstacles that might otherwise prevent these healthcare advancements, they can benefit the very people who need them the most.

Manuscript Submissions
Vertex Publishing Inc. is accepting manuscripts about medical discoveries, nutritional breakthroughs and scientific or technological developments that may not otherwise find a voice to
benefit the people who need them the most. 
Submission should be sent to:

Attn: Julie Walker
Email: VertexPublishing@aol.com

Vertex Publishing, Inc.
Flagler Beach, Florida USA

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