The 30 Day Arthitis Cure By: Dr. Len SandsThe 30-Day Arthritis Cure is about the discovery of a fatty acid called "CMO" that cures arthritis. We  journey with Dr. Sands  traveling the globe in his adventures and drama searching to cure his own arthritis. We learn about...

His tragedy…
His first wife was stricken with cancer. When traditional medicine failed her, he turned to non-traditional therapies and set out on a worldwide mission seeking to cure the incurable.

His discovery…
Pain from his own bone-grinding arthritis caused him to lead research resulting in the world’s first true immunomodulator. Dr. Sands started a medical revolution with the discovery of CMO that cures arthritis and many other autoimmune diseases.

The clinical studies…
From double blind clinical studies at universities to a massive 9,000 subject monitoring project, over 11,500 have been medically observed or clinically studied. These studies show Dr. Sands’ CMO discovery to have an overall cure rate of 79%.

Cure arthritis without a prescription…
Recommended by Dr. Sands, you will learn his step-by-step method of how to cure arthritis using CMO and where to get this readily available nutritional supplement.
Dr. Sands' discovery has helped millions of people worldwide recover completely from the horrible and debilitating effects of arthritis. If you have arthritis, this is a must read!

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This book is about Dr. Sands’ discovery and how to cure arthritis, without a prescription, using a fatty acid called CMO.  Learn his step-by-step method to use CMO and where to get it.  If you have arthritis, this is a must read!

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